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A Look at My DJ World: My Equipment and Setup

Performing Embodme Erae Touch
Gercek Dorman Live Set

Hello music lovers! In this blog post, we will take a look at my equipment and setup, which are indispensable elements of my live performances. Are you ready to discover my behind-the-scenes world?

In fact, we can say that I have more than one live performance. Of course, when there is more than one type, the equipment I use inside may also vary. In my live set, where I include more organic and downtempo elements, Santur, hangdrum and bendirs are added to my setup. In my set where I play Indie Dance and Melodic House, I have a live setup that mostly focuses on midi controls.

By the way, those who are interested in performing live, please do not hesitate to contact me. As you know, I offer my Live DJ training as a class every month. Those who want to get more detailed information on this subject can visit BeatMakers Academy or contact me. They can be accessed directly from here.

1. Ableton Live and Push 2: The Center of My Production World

Live Setup
Gercek Dorman Live Setup

Ableton Live and Push 2, one of the key elements in my music production adventure, are a unique duo that takes my creativity beyond the limits. I can also say that it is the heart of my live setup, which I always carry with me on stage.

Ableton Live: Revitalizing Creative Projects Ableton Live is a flexible and user-friendly digital audio processing software that eliminates boundaries in music production. This platform is like an art workshop to turn my creative projects into reality. Ableton Live, with its innovative and modular features, forms the basis of my music. Discovering the potential behind each note, each effect helps me shape my musical vision.

Push 2: The Perfect Harmony of Software and Hardware Push 2, which works integrated with Ableton Live, is a midi controller specially designed for this software. Providing the perfect harmony of the physical and digital worlds, this controller takes my performances to the next level. With its colorful buttons, Push 2 allows me to make instant transitions, apply effects and change my composition instantly during my stage performances. More than just adding a digital touch to my music, this provides real interaction and control on stage.

This duo allows me to capture the essence of the digital age in my music. The power of Ableton Live to ignite my creativity and the dynamic control that Push 2 brings to my performances offer a unique experience on stage. This powerful combination at the center of the digital world is a fundamental element that shapes my music and offers my listeners a unique sound journey.

2. Akai Midi Mix and APC mini: The Magic Touch of Control

I use Akai Midi Mix and APC mini midi controllers to control Ableton Live. These little devices allow me to quickly switch between tracks in my set, apply effects, and shape my performance in real time. They make the music magically transform with every touch.

3. Embodme Erae Touch: Communication with the Senses

Another item that stands out among my equipment is the Embodme Erae Touch midi controller. This touch control surface allows me to shape my music through the senses and create a deeper connection with my audience. It makes my performances a sensory experience.

4. Istanbul Agop Clap Stack and Ridelar: Adding a Different Dimension to the Sound

I use Istanbul Agop Clap Stacks and Rides to add a different dimension to my voice. These unique cymbals add an organic feel to my rhythmic touches and performances, taking my audience on a different musical journey.

5. Apple MacBook Air M1 Chip 16GB Ram 512 GB SSDI usually use MacBook Air on stage because of its ease of carrying and lightness. In larger demonstrations where I use two computers, I prefer a smaller computer, a MacBook Pro 13 inch.

These equipment are the cornerstones that make up my musical world. Each of them contributes to making my stage performances unique and unforgettable. Join me on this musical journey and take a journey into the magical world of sounds!

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