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Birth of Acid House, Blend of TB-303 and Rhythm

What is Acid House?
Let's Go Back to Acid

The Birth of Acid House, TB-303 and the Blend of Rhythm: At the beginning of Acid House, the genre had a close bond with other classic house genres. After being added to Chicago or Garage House, "Jack Tracks" became known for its characteristic TB-303 bass synthesizer sound. Isolated examples called This period was an important step for Acid House, when it launched the first Acid House record label, "Jack Trax". was represented by. Creating the note loop and then distorting the waveform with cutoff, resonance or envelope adjustments created the characteristic and psychedelic "acid sound" for bass lines, melodies and synth stabs. The term "acid" derives from the first Acid House record, "Acid Tracks". This sound of Acid House gained great popularity in the world of dance music and created its own genre.

In 1987, the advent of affordable electronic samplers led to a significant shift in the world of Rap and Acid House. Acid House evolved by incorporating elements of Rap (Proto Hip House) and turning the samples into a hyperactive bricolage. This period is considered the beginning of Rave culture after the Second Summer Love in Ibiza (also in 1987) and is immortalized by the yellow smile symbol.

However, the most distinctive feature of Acid House is the House's break from Disco influences and gay-hipster subcultures. There is no longer a warm groove and R&B feeling, instead it is replaced by harsh and distorted sounds over a loud, solid rhythm. This evolution, although accidental, turned House into a light and revolutionary music that was also understandable to white British Post-Punk artists.

Year and Setting: Acid House emerged in the mid-1980s, especially in Chicago. It gained popularity in 1987 and later, with the wider use of the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer and other electronic equipment.

Technical Equipment:

  • Roland TB-303: This bass synthesizer, which has become the symbol of Acid House, was originally designed as a guitar training device. However, music producers discovered his unique and distorted sound and made it a fundamental part of Acid House.

  • Roland TR-909 and TR-808: These drum machines were other important equipment commonly used in Acid House productions. TR-909 and TR-808 were used to create the characteristic stanza rhythm and shaped the rhythmic structure of Acid House.

  • Electronic Samplers: Affordable electronic samplers, which appeared in 1987, played an important role in the evolution of Acid House. These samplers made it possible to manipulate sounds taken from previous music and create new, experimental sounds.

Artists and Producers:

  • Phuture: Considered one of the pioneers of Acid House, this band is known for its "Acid Tracks". He was one of the first artists to define the genre with his songs.

  • DJ Pierre: Chicago-based DJ and producer is one of the leading names of Acid House. The materials he produced contributed greatly to the evolution of the species.

  • 808 State: 808 State, a Manchester-based band, was influential in Acid House and other electronic music genres and achieved great success in the early 1990s.

Production Techniques:

  • TB-303 Manipulation: TB-303's characteristic "acid" Its sound was achieved by creating a cycle of notes and then adjusting parameters such as cutoff, resonance, and envelope.

  • Drum Programming: Rhythmically, a perfect rhythm was usually created using TR-909 and TR-808 drum machines. These machines created the energetic atmosphere of Acid House by providing hard and rhythmic drum beats.

  • Sampler Usage: The use of samplers was important in the evolution of Acid House to play sounds taken from previous music and manipulate them in new and diverse ways.

The technical aspects of Acid House are based on technological advances in the evolution of music and the creativity of the artists. These techniques have left a significant impact on the electronic music scene, creating the genre's unique and familiar sound.

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