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My New Song "Sandworm" Composed Inspired by the World of Dune

Sandworm Single Cover

I have exciting news for you today! A brand new song "Sandworm" has finally been released on music platforms and it is a song that gives me so much excitement and is truly fascinating. It was a song that I enjoyed every moment of its production.

"Sandworm" is a melodic house track inspired by the Dune universe. If you love Dune, this song is for you! The song transports listeners to the majestic desert landscapes and the grandeur of Herbert's masterpiece. The attention to detail is truly palpable and this piece literally takes you on a cinematic journey.

One of the most impressive aspects of the track is that it is full of powerful drum and percussion arrangements, with gorgeous cinematic drums dominating the drop. Besides this, the meandering melodies and the captivating mix of male and female choir vocals also make the song truly unique. All sound design of the track belongs to me and of course it was made with SynthMaster 3. You will even be able to access these sound designs in Factory presets within Synthmaster 3. While listening, you feel like you've lived through Dune's most iconic scenes.

Additionally, global electronic music magazine and site We Rave You published an interview about "Sandworm". In this interview, the song's creators share with us how they were inspired by the Dune universe and their musical journey. I must say it was a very interesting and enlightening interview!

"Sandworm" is a fascinating piece of music that makes not only our ears but also our souls dance. If you want to join this magical sound journey, you can start listening immediately. I'm sure it will impress you too!

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