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2023: After a Year Filled with the Rhythm of Music, Hello to 2024!

Dear friends,

We have opened the doors of a new year and we are together for a hopeful start. I hope 2024 will be a year in which we pursue our dreams, be together with our loved ones, and most importantly, be filled with health.

The past year has hosted unforgettable moments for me in the magical world of music. The Gead record company, which we founded together with Efe Aysal, allowed us to have a year full of beautiful songs. This year, I had the pleasure of sharing my music with you and growing together. This year, spent traveling from city to city and meeting you in workshops, has witnessed unforgettable moments for me.

Wait for Me", which we prepared together with Dersu; The song captured a great energy with Efe Aysal's unique touch. While it ranked 13th on Beatport's Hype Melodic House list, Efe Aysal Remix ranked 90th on the Progressive House Top 100 list. Sharing this success with you is a source of happiness for me.

Real Dorman 2023 Beatport Stats

"Baba Jaga" We wrote our name in golden letters on the music charts. In addition to appearing on 3 editorial lists on Apple Music, we climbed to 92nd place on Beatport's Indie Dance Top 100 list. We rose to 21st place on the Hype Indie Dance list. Sharing the excitement I experienced during this process with you makes me really proud.

Towards the end of the year, "The Falling" We brought a breathtaking finale to this musical journey with us. We were included in 4 different Apple Music editorial lists and rose to the 3rd place in the iTunes Electronics charts.

These successes we have achieved with your support encourage me even more.

2024 will be a year full of big surprises. Thank you for your incredible support. Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful year!

Stay with love and music,

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