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My Latest Song Gökkubbe, Fascinated by the Mystical Sound of Ney, is on All Digital Platforms

Gökkubbe Single Cover
Gökkubbe Single Cover

I have exciting news for you today! A brand new song, "Gökkubbe", is now available on digital music platforms and I really love this song. This piece has a very special place for me and I want to share it with you.

"Gökkubbe" is a musical journey where Sercan Peşan's mystical readings and ney's mystical melodies are blended with strong and cinematic rhythms. The solid electronic foundation of this track exudes an epic atmosphere and invites listeners on a celestial adventure. From powerful and striking rhythms to impressive reed motifs, "Skydome" elevates the senses and invites the audience to an inner journey of exploration and exploration of the sky, to a realm where the mundane and the sacred meet.

While creating this song, I used Synthmaster 3 and Synthmaster 2 extensively and did most of the sound designs. Thanks to these instruments, it was possible to explore the unique and fascinating sound world of "Gökkübbe". Those who wish can access the sound designs here from the new Synthmaster 3 factory presets.

“The Firmament” is not just a piece of music, it is an experience. While listening, you truly feel like you are on a journey in the sky, establishing a deep connection with inner thoughts.

You can listen to "Gökkubbe" now to join this magnificent musical journey. I'm sure you too will be amazed by this unique experience!

Best regards,

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