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"Discoveries in the journey of life."

"Wait for Me": A Melodic House Journey with Dersu's Captivating Voice

Get ready for a musical experience like no other as Gerçek Dorman collaborates with the remarkable Dersu in their latest release, "Wait for Me." This melodic house masterpiece is a sonic journey filled with intense aggression and unbridled power, promising to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Dersu's Mesmerizing Vocals:

Dersu's vocals are nothing short of enchanting, striking a harmonious balance between melancholy and sheer power. With every note, his voice draws you into the emotional depths of the song, making you feel every word as if it were your own.

Eastern Influences and Melodies:

"Wait for Me" boasts a unique blend of eastern musical influences and melodies, creating a captivating and immersive atmosphere that transports you to distant lands with each listen. The fusion of cultures in the music adds an element of mystique and intrigue that sets it apart.

Powerful Baseline and Infectious Groove:

The song's foundation is built upon a commanding baseline and an infectious groove that commands your attention from start to finish. It's a rhythmic powerhouse that compels you to move to the beat, making it a perfect addition to your playlist for those unforgettable dancefloor moments.

"Wait for Me" is not just a song; it's an emotional and sonic rollercoaster that pushes the boundaries of melodic house. Get ready to be swept away by the dynamic collaboration between Gerçek Dorman and Dersu, as they deliver a musical masterpiece that's both intense and unforgettable

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MEHR & MAH.jpg

Mehr & Mah

Soul of the Ney

"It tells the love story of the sun and the moon, trapped in an endless cycle and never able to meet. With an electronic foundation, the ney flute aims to present the enthusiasm, sorrow, and contradiction of this love to the audience through different modes, ethnic, organic, and downtempo styles, all unified as one."

Live at Eymir Lake

First Touch

Gerçek Dorman Live at Eymir Lake: A Journey into Organic House

Experience the magic of Gerçek Dorman's first-ever live set at the stunning Eymir Lake. In this captivating performance, Gerçek seamlessly blends the hypnotic sounds of the santur and hang drum with the pulsating rhythms of percussion while DJing an enchanting organic house set.

This live video holds a special place in Gerçek's heart as it marks the inception of his unique show setup. Join us on a musical journey that transcends boundaries, where tradition meets innovation, and the organic house beats resonate with the serene beauty of Eymir Lake.

Witness the birth of a new chapter in Gerçek Dorman's musical voyage, where each note is a testament to his passion and creativity.

Gerçek Dorman Eymir Lake Performance.jpg
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